Create Custom Fields for Items

Did you know that Opal lets you add custom fields and attributes to an Item? For example, if you're using Opal to list classifieds, you could add a custom field called price. Here's a quick guide on how to do this:

A little background

In Opal, custom fields are known as features. Features are a type of plugin that an item can have. Each plugin has its own group of settings that let you customize it. You can even change the title of a plugin, so you could change Features to Details or Specs or something similar.

Adding a New Feature

To add a new feature, go to Admin Section -> Configure -> Plugins -> Add/Delete a Feature(Next to Features).

In this section, you can add, edit, or delete features.

Click on Add new Feature to get started:

When you're Creating a new feature, you have some options to choose from:
  • Name - The name of the Feature
  • Description - Describes the feature
  • Feature Type - This determines the look and feel of the field each user will user to enter the value of the feature.
    • Text - A simple text box that a user can type into.
    • Option - A Dropdown box with a list of choices you can specify. After you save this feature, a new Add Option link will will appear on the list of Features.
    • Yes/No - Lets users choose between 3 Radio buttons: Yes, No, and Leave Blank
    • Slider - A numeric value that shows a bar and slider that you can grab and slide around to specify the number. You can specify a number range in the Extra Details section.
    • Date - A drop-down calendar(aka datepicker) will appear and let the user select a day on the calendar.
    • Number - A numeric value that a user can enter in by typing. You can specify a number range in the Extra Details section.
  • Required - If checked, The user must enter in a value for this feature before saving or creating an item.
  • Listed - This feature will show up on item lists next to its item.
  • Icon Url - You can enter in a url for a custom icon for this feature. If left blank, a default icon is used.

Here's a screenshot of what each feature type looks like to users:

Search Type

Any feature you create is automatically added as an option in Opal's Advanced Search. This option specifies how a user can search for items with a specific value.

features_plugin.JPG - The Features Plugin. (18.7 KB) Dave Hulihan, 09/18/2010 06:56 pm

new_feature.JPG - Creating a New Feature (85.5 KB) Dave Hulihan, 09/18/2010 06:57 pm

features_section.JPG - The Features Section. (38.4 KB) Dave Hulihan, 09/18/2010 06:57 pm

advanced_search.JPG - Feature Selection in Advanced Search (30.4 KB) Dave Hulihan, 09/18/2010 07:00 pm